Ten ways of improving retention

  1. Set clear goals for your staff so they know what you expect from them.
  2. Let staff know that they are appreciated on a regular basis.
  3. Reward them when they meet targets or excel expectations.
  4. Make sure that managers and supervisors have the right skills needed and value the people under them. If they don't treat their staff well then staff won't stay.
  5. Offer training and show them that they could possibly move up the ranks one day.
  6. Treat your staff fairly and don't have 'favourites'
  7. Allow staff to feedback their ideas and thoughts, and listen to their suggestions. Accept any criticisms they make and don't let it affect how you treat them in the future.
  8. When an employee is failing to meet his or her targets consider why this is. Offer training if needed and if they need more time or new equipment provide it. With the right training, time and equipment they could become one of your best workers.
  9. Recognise the extra abilities your employees have and when they offer to help in an area that is different to what is in their job description don't dismiss them straightaway. Look and see whether they have the right skills you need and utilise them.
  10. Give thank you gifts when your staff go the extra mile.

The best ways to reward staff

Even if you currently do most of the things listed above there are still things you can do to improve staff retention in your company. It might be that you already reward your staff but the rewards you give are not fully appreciated by your staff and other alternatives may be better.

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Why is Retention important?

The dictionary definition of retention is the act of retaining, to keep possession of a person, object or position.

It is thought that around 70% of companies and organisations don't have a clear strategy or budget for employee retention. In this day and age not having an employee retention program can be extremely costly because of the many thousands of pounds it costs to recruit a new member of staff. If you can just reduce employee turnover by 1% it can save your company a lot of money so investing in a retention strategy can be very cost effective.

In most industries 50% of new recruits stay with their company for less than two years, and 25% of those people leave within the first six months so managing employee retention is vital. Reducing staff turnover is a big concern for both small and large companies.

When someone decides to leave a company they usually have an exit interview to try and establish why they are leaving. It is rare for departing employees to give honest answers in these interviews and usually these exit interviews are approached by both sides as just being something they need to do to tick a box. If departing employees were allowed to complete an anonymous survey then more revealing answers would be given which HR could use to help with retention. E.g. An employee might leave because the job was vastly different from what was advertised, so changes could be made to make sure that in the future promises aren't made in the advert/interview that aren't fulfilled in the actual job. If the employee leaving isn't allowed to fill out the survey anonymously then, like the exit interview, they will hold back from telling the whole truth.

If you want your company to be successful then you need to look at employee retention in detail and see how you can decrease your employee turnover. If your staff are happy then your customers will be happy and will make more repeat purchases. If key members of your staff leave then this can have a huge impact on your business. Whenever someone leaves the people around them become more interested in switching jobs, even if they hadn't considered a move before.

Giving your employees incentives will motivate them to work harder and can change the way they think of you and the company as a whole. Corporate incentive schemes have always been important but they have become increasingly important in the last few years. No company can afford to dismiss the importance of staff incentives in the current climate.

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