What is an incentive?

The dictionary definition of an incentive is "something that is offered to encourage someone to do something."

Giving your employees incentives will motivate them to work harder and can change the way they think of you and the company as a whole. Corporate incentive schemes have always been important but they have become increasingly important in the last few years. No company can afford to dismiss the importance of staff incentives in the current climate.

Why incentivising is good

  • It increases sales
  • Builds loyalty to your business/brand
  • Can improve the productivity of your staff
  • Can boost the overall performance of your staff
  • Raises the standard across the whole company, not just individuals

You need to watch the incentives you set and adjust them if your business objectives change. For instance if you set a sales incentive be aware that your sales staff will push the products they know already sell well, rather than the new products you have just introduced. To combat this you can split the products into categories with sales in particular categories worth more (i.e. the new products).

Incentivise and reward customers and staff

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Incentivise staff

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Any goals set need to be realistic and the rewards need to be good enough for the employee to want them. If the value of the award to the employee isn't worth the extra effort they will have to put in to receive it then they won't even try.

The incentives need to be big if you want the behaviour of your employees to change permanently. They also need to be rewarded as soon as they hit the target so they remain motivated and aim for the next incentive goal.

Gift vouchers and gift cards are often the most valued incentive rewards because of the flexibility they give the person who receives them. You could choose the popular Multi-retailer Love2shop Voucher as an incentive as it can be spent in over 20,000 stores or maybe some M&S Vouchers would be popular employee incentives.

Top vouchers and gift cards for incentivising staff:

  • Love2shop Vouchers
  • Thomas Cook Gift Vouchers
  • Argos Gift Cards
  • Red Letter Days Gift Cards

  • National Garden Gift Vouchers
  • M&S Gift Vouchers
  • John Lewis Gift Vouchers
  • Amazon Gift Cards

Running staff reward schemes and incentivising your employees can help your best employees engage with your company and reduce the chance of them leaving you to go and work for one of your competitors.

The different ways of incentivising employees:

  • Long service rewards
  • Sales incentives
  • Christmas rewards/bonus
  • Performance rewards
  • Loyalty awards

Incentivise and reward customers and staff

Motivate staff

Retain staff

Reward schemes

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With customers you might choose to incentivise them by offering them gift vouchers for recommending a friend or after they have spent a certain amount or made a set number of purchases.

Top vouchers and gift cards for incentivising staff and customers:

You'll find the perfect gift vouchers and gift cards for your staff and customer incentive programs at highstreetvouchers.com. From the Love2shop Voucher to M&S and John Lewis Vouchers you'll find exactly what you want and the quick and easy ordering system means that it's hassle free. Order up to £5,000 and remember highstreetvouchers.com don't charge a card handling fee and Next Day Delivery is available for orders accepted by 1pm, Monday - Thursday.

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