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If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ section below. If you can't find the answers to your questions, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have ordered more than one gift voucher or gift card and want to send them to different addresses. How do I do this?
If you want to send parts of your order to different addresses, you will have to put these through as separate orders, as we do not have the facility to split your order. We are only able to send your order to one address.
Q. I placed my order before 1pm but didn't qualify for Next Day Delivery - Why Not?
Due to the nature of our robust fraud checking system, we can only offer Next Day Delivery when an order is accepted by 1pm.
You will receive 2 emails from us, the first is simply to acknowledge your order, the second is an Acceptance of your order.
If you receive an acceptance email before 1pm then you will normally qualify for Next Day Delivery - on orders placed Monday-Thursday.
Q. Can I have vouchers delivered to my friends and family?
All orders up to £500 can be sent to an alternative delivery address in the UK.
Q. Is there a limit to how many vouchers I can buy?
We currently have a maximum limit of £5,000 for individuals and £10,000 for businesses.
Q. How much do I have to pay for delivery?
See our delivery charges for details.
Q. I have tried to order using my debit and credit card and neither work. Why could this be?
Please check that the name and address on the order are the same name and address as the registered card holder. If not, then the card will not be accepted.
Q. The gift vouchers or gift cards I ordered have not arrived. What should I do?
Please view our policy on Replacing Non Delivered Gift Vouchers.
Q. How do I order extra gift voucher wallets?
Extra wallets can be ordered at the checkout.
Q. Will I receive a VAT receipt?
You will receive an invoice by email, 24hrs after your order has been despatched. This contains the VAT number and the VAT value on your order.
Q. I can't enter my address. Why might this be?
If you are having difficulty entering your address please email the Customer Support Team so that they can help you.
Q. My card has been declined.
Please contact your bank.
Q. I didn't get a confirmation email for my order. Why not?
Please click here to contact our Customer Support team with details of the time of your order and your postcode.
Q. I have lost or damaged my vouchers can you replace them?
We cannot replace lost or stolen vouchers. We may be able to issue replacement vouchers if they have been damaged, as long as the serial number is still visible. Please email the Customer Support Team to discuss how to obtain replacement vouchers.
Q. I'm having trouble viewing the website
If you are experiencing difficulties viewing the site on your web browser, you can update to the most recent version of Internet Explorer at: windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/internet-explorer/products/ie/home

Love2shop Gift Cards

Q. When will my card expire?
The expiry date of your card will be clearly printed on the front of your card
Q. My Love2shop Gift Card has a nil balance, what shall I do with it?
We advise that you retain the card as if you need to return goods the Retailer may wish to process your refund onto your card
Q. Part of my order is missing.
Click here to contact our Customer Support Team.
Q. Where can I spend my flexecash Love2shop Gift Card?
Click here to view a list of retailers
Q. I was unable to use my card at one of the retailers listed
To check if the retailer is listed to accept the flexecash Love2shop Gift Card, please click here to view a list of retailers . If the retailer is listed please email us the details of the retailer and the store address so we can investigate further, Click here to send us an email.

If the amount of a proposed purchase is greater than the available balance, your card will be declined. You must inform the cashier that your purchase is greater than the balance on the card and ask to pay the difference in cash or by another payment method acceptable to the retailer first.
Q. How will I receive a refund if I return a product purchased using my flexecash Love2shop Gift Card?
Refunds via retailers will be made onto your flexecash Love2shop Gift Card and if this facility is unavailable you may be presented with the Retailers own vouchers or store card.
Love2shop Cards are issued by Park Card Services who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FRN reference: 900016. All trademarks are registered to Park Group PLC. Full card terms and conditions can be found at www.flexecash.com.

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Love2shop Gift Vouchers

Q. Can I spend my Love2shop Gift Vouchers in the Republic of Ireland?
Love2shop Gift Vouchers cannot be spent in the Republic of Ireland as the currency there is Euro and the vouchers are in Pounds Sterling.
Q. I have tried to spend my Love2shop Vouchers in store and they have been refused. What can I do?
Please email info@highstreetvouchers.com advising them of the actual store you have experienced difficulty.
Q. Will I receive change from Love2shop Gift Vouchers I spend in stores?
No. Change will not be given if the value of your purchase is less than the value of the vouchers you are spending.

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